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Put Your Teeth in the Fast Zone!
Posted on 04/18/2017

Have you considered accelerated treatment?  Didn't know it existed?  Did you know there were ways to have your braces treatment done faster?  There are options now available to "accelerate" your treatment.  

Acceledent is a dental device that was introduced about 5 years ago.  It looks like a dental mouth guard attached to a handle that vibrates.  What these vibrations do is place sonic pulses into the bone surrounding the tooth and stimulates the bone activity to occur faster.  Your teeth need to move to get corrected and your bone needs to change as well.  Your bone has little cells called osteoclast and osteroblast.  These either add bone (-clast) or take away bone (-blast).  The sonic pulses from the Acceledent make these cells work faster.  Your braces treatment could be reduced up to 30% !!!

 Acceledent also helps to reduce discomfort in the teeth.  This is from increasing blood circulation to the area.  Little to no soreness is a common effect from use of the Acceledent and is main reason our patients love this device.

 Acceledent works by biting on a bite plate for 20 minutes daily.  The device translates minor sonic pulses to the bone to help the teeth move.  The device is very lightweight so you could use it while reading a book, driving to work or while just watching your favorite show.  It's charged from a USB connection to make it very easy to charge from a computer or any wall socket.  

 Call us today to inquire to see if you are a candidate for accelerated orthodontics!  You will be glad you did.