How To Find The Right Orthodontist For Your Family

How To Find The Right Orthodontist For Your Family
Posted on 06/11/2020
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Picking an orthodontist for your family is really important and can be easy if you know what you’re looking for.  You want to find someone who is relatable and understands your concerns while guiding you through the journey to a healthier smile.  At Davis Orthodontics, we strive to make your dental journey a simple and enjoyable experience while keeping you informed throughout the process, so you always know what to expect.

First Things First

So why should you even worry about straight teeth or teeth that don’t connect properly?  First, a trusted orthodontist can show you that having straight teeth increases your overall oral health.  Reducing crowding will allow you to brush and floss more effectively so that food will no longer get trapped between your teeth. This can lead to the decay of your teeth and unhealthy gums.  Getting your teeth properly aligned allows the correct amount of force for your teeth when chewing and at rest. Upper or lower teeth that are misaligned can lead to grinding, excessive wear, fractures, and cracks in the teeth. 

Accreditation and Technology

Finding an orthodontist who has gone through the extensive training required from an accredited orthodontic school is essential to the success of your treatment.  Many people and companies can attempt to straighten teeth using various systems, but only an orthodontist with the additional two to three years of specialized training can understand the relationship of teeth, muscles, and bone.  Additionally, an orthodontist who has learned the necessary skills can determine the right course of treatment for you - whether it’s using metal, ceramic, or aligners. 

Technology plays a vital role in the lives of orthodontists, and Dr. Ed Davis is no exception.  Each of his practices incorporates several digital devices that aid in the success of treatment.  At Davis Orthodontics, the patient’s comfort is a high priority and that’s why our team uses digital scanning, eliminating uncomfortable and gooey impression material. Dr. Davis understands the need to limit radiation exposure when Xrays are required, which is why he uses digital radiograph technology.  By using the latest technology in materials and diagnosis, Dr. Davis is a leader in the Columbia area by offering his patients treatments that are safe, comfortable, and effective. 

An Orthodontist With Personality

While it’s important to find an experienced and qualified orthodontist, it’s equally as important to find one that makes you feel comfortable and whose personality fits with yours.  A Columbia native, Dr. Davis grew up in West Columbia and graduated from Airport High School.  He then became a Gamecock graduating in 1993.  Following graduation from the University of South Carolina in 1993, he attended dental school in Charleston and then finished in St Louis for his orthodontic specialty degree. 

In his free time, which as a father of four varies from little to none, Dr. Davis likes to go to the cinema.  His love for the movies dates back to when his grandmother took him as a child nearly every other weekend.  She’s even the one responsible for his love of Star Wars!  You can see his love of Star Wars in his West Columbia office where Star Wars posters hang on the walls of the playroom along with various prints and large action figures.  His office is also adorned with Lego spaceships and collectible figures ranging from Darth Vader to Rey and Finn. 

Why Choose Davis Orthodontics

At Davis Orthodontics, we value our patients and believe that having a positive patient experience is essential to the success of orthodontic treatment.  Your concierge service begins with your first visit and continues along your journey as we treat you like family. Our friendly staff guides you along by explaining what to expect during your treatment and how to maintain your awesome smile after you finish.  While we would be honored if you would join our growing family of DO Smiles, we also hope that whoever you choose will provide you with the care that you deserve.  Smile On!