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Changes Are A Coming
Posted on 03/18/2017

Good morning sports fans.  I'm sitting in a lecture hall in Charleston listening to our new consultant for the office.  It is real refreshing to hear so many great and new ideas that Michelle will bring to Davis Orthodontics.  I look forward to how we can make our positive experience with her translate to a wonderful patient experience for you.

 As you may have noticed, we have a new website.  The Davis Ortho team has worked hard the last few months making this the best website to give you the information you need and to make this an great interactive site.  Over the next months, you will notice other changes with Davis Orthodontics. I have just finished the final touches on our new logo.  Very excited about this.  I hope you all will like it and embrace it as our team has.  

 Lot of great changes coming your way to make your orthodontic experience the best!